Briccole - Picturing Venice

Scattered around 116 islands, crossed by 416 bridges and 176 ‘calli’, Venice certainly owes its universally known representation not only to these features but also to the famous ‘Briccole’. Three wooden stakes tied to one another and sank into the lagoon bed, like true guardians of the waterways. Briccole were in fact used to indicate to the sailors the most deep and secure waters to navigate through but also as signals of the stations stop to gondoliers.
The artist’s intention is to renew the portrait of everyday Venetian life in the naturally expressive simplicity of one of its symbols, even taken as a distinctive sign of the deep bond between man and nature.
The creative restoration of this ancient symbol of Venice takes place through the transformation of its surface. The wood - corroded by more than forty years of salt and bad weather - seems to almost naturally accommodate the color between its cracks and veins.
The process that turns the old and ‘retired briccola’ into an object of art is generally guided by a mixture of the artist’s instinct and logic. Sometimes the creative flow is channeled into an artistic research related to Liechtenstein’s Pop Art through the use of stencils. In other pieces, the process occurs through a more reflective approach, such as for ‘Briccola d’Oro’, which carries a reference to the Byzantine history of Venice.


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